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Angelina_voskopoulou_exogenesis_trilogy_floatinginspace (2)
Nicola Arkell, Ashenge, photography, 51x33 cm
The APS Mdina Cathedral Contemporary Art Biennale 
13 November 2017 - 7 January 2018
The Mediterranean: A Sea of Conflicting Spiritualities

The Mediterranean region encompasses various cultures and religions. From the interaction between East and West has emerged a history of conflicts and struggles that are represented by the powerful visual cultures of each diverse community. The contemporary political scenario emphasises the need for the arts to respond to an era of crisis and destruction. Being at the centre of the Mediterranean, Malta is a significant place for such an artistic dialogue to be exposed and challenged. Furthermore, the city of Mdina was home to multiple faiths and artistic cultures. The APS Mdina Cathedral Contemporary Art Biennale tasks to give life to the contemporary within a space that retains a strong and vivid past. 


Dr. Giuseppe Schembri Bonaci is the artistic director of the 2017-18 APS Mdina Biennale. The exhibition showcases the work of Maltese and international artists who have each developed new work based on the theme. Artists were encouraged to propose works that challenges artistic and political conventions.

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